altWe have a wide array of solutions covering many aspects of telecommunication domain. Mylinex is an expert company in telecommunication signalling solutions with high level expertise in SIGTRAN / SS7 protocol stack and SIP.

alt The key to the success of Mylinex is the passion for innovation.Our innovations have enabled our customers to strive for new revenue avenues.

alt Mylinex has achieved tremendous success within a short period of time. We have become a highly preferred solutions provider among our customers.

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Mylinex has provided a number of solutions to Etisalat Sri Lanka. The Dual number solution, Bulk SMSC for corporate customers, Missed called notification system and the USSD gateway are among those. In addition, Mylinex is the main technology partner for who is a US based VoIP service provider.


Mylinex believes strong partnerships opens up new paths to success. We have partnered with innovative companies with expertise in diversified fields to enhance the value offered to our customers. Our open and honest approach has made us a one of the most preferred companies among our partners.


Our objective is to be a facilitator to the success of our customers. We will deliver state of the art telecommunications solutions to operators around the world to extend their reach and business scope.

About Us

Without restricting innovation to technology, Mylinex always introduces innovative commercial models to facilitate win-win relationships with our customers. Innovative products blended with innovative commercial models makes Mylinex products highly attractive to our customers.